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Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) is a process that enables learners the opportunity to recognise their prior skills and knowledge, therefore prior learning outside education is assessed and recognised for academic purposes.

Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning (APCL), is the process that covers learning that has been assessed and certificated previously by education.

If a claim for APEL is successful, learners can reduce the modules required to complete their chosen HE programme, saving both time and cost of achieving a degree level education.

For Example: Sally, a General Manager of a manufacturing facility has built her successful career through sheer hard work and raw talent, she’s at a stage in her career whereby she now feels that a degree level qualification in leadership and management would both benefit her career prospects and develop her ability to performance as a leader, the company has agreed to fund the programme, they like the look of NCG Directs Foundation Degree in Professional Leadership and Management.

One of the modules on the 1st year of this programme is Project Management; Sally has 10 years’ worth of practical experience managing customer projects and has been on many internally recognised training courses on managing projects. Sally’s situation is a perfect example of when you’d consider a claim for APEL, in this situation Sally could put a claim in to APEL the Project Management module of the Foundation Degree.

The system Newcastle College Group use to initiate a claim for APEL is called Recognise Me. Recognise Me is an online service whereby you upload evidence of previous work experience and any skills you have in order to claim exemption from studying certain modules of a Foundation Degree. Recognise Me and the supporting online module allows you to explore whether your experience in your job or previous qualifications and training can be translated into module credits. If you are eligible for an exemption of some modules, the cost of your Foundation Degree will be reduced. If you have sufficient evidence then as well as saving valuable study time you could also save between £250 and £3,300 off the first year tuition fee (2015/16 only).

For more information or to apply for recognition, please visit our Recognise Me website.

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