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Learning and Assessment

Learning Online with NCG Direct

Learning online is actually quite simple. So simple we think you will find it’s quite clever. The CLEVER way of learning can be remembered like this:

C - Course Content
L - Learning Tutorials
E - Engage with Discussion Boards
V - Video Conferences and Webinars
E - e-Learning Practice Tests
R - Review and Prepare for Assessment

Course Content

All your learning materials can be found in the ‘My Course Content’ section in NCG Online. Your learning content is organised into modules and topics within an accordion style menu to aid easy navigation. You are encouraged to read the material on each topic as set out in your Student Assessment and Study (SAS) Guide.

Your learning content will normally be a mixture of reading materials, interactive e-learning content, videos and practice tests to check your learning. Many topics you study will be underpinned by a Topic Resource and Activity Book (TRAB) which you can download and use to learn offline if that suits your needs more conveniently.

Sample of NCG Direct e-Learning Content

Sample of e-learning content

Learning Tutorials

Learning tutorials are conducted by your Personal Online Tutors (POTs). The purpose of the tutorials is to identify and discuss any issues you’ve encountered during your previous period of study, review your practice tests, and identify any obstacles that may have affected your progress. They will also highlight the next ‘chunk’ of learning, set out your targets for the next period of study and discuss how the past and future periods of study link to your final assessment.

Engaging with Discussion Boards

Example NCG Online discussion board

Example NCG Online discussion board

A discussion board is an online communication tool where you, your tutor and fellow learners can all learn together. Your tutor will pose questions about various subject related topics and you will be encouraged to post your answers and thoughts to the rest of the group.

Example tutorial using NCG Conference

Example tutorial using NCG Conference

An important aspect of a discussion board is there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers, just different perspectives.

Video Conferences and Webinars

Sometimes lectures will be delivered online through NCG Conference. These are called ‘webinars’. The webinar will be to small groups of 6-8 learners and facilitated by Personal Online Tutors. These lectures can be recorded and uploaded to the course site for you to refer to at a later date.

e-Learning Practice Tests

Checking your understanding and knowing you are making progress is the key to success. That’s why we will provide you with e-learning practice tests at regular intervals so you can see which areas you are strong in and any areas you need to improve.

Review and Assessment

Reviewing your learning and understanding is an important part of studying. Each ‘chunk’ of learning in your course content will have a summary and review of the key points. Your learning tutorials with your Personal Online Tutor will also include review sessions. Assessment is obviously a key component of your programme. An important part of passing assessments is in good preparation. Each module in the course content area of NCG Online will have a section dedicated to preparing you for your assessment.

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