Work-based learning

All employers without exception have emphasised the importance of work based learning as a method of learning and assessment.

Work Based Learning is at the cornerstone of NCG Direct's Foundation Degrees. Students will be able to identify, address and experience the demands of their vocational area within negotiated boundaries.

There are a number of ways that work experience and placement will be integrated within the Programmes.

  • The learners employment/work based situation will be frequently used as a case study for a variety of different modules throughout the course
  • Theories, concepts and ideas will regularly be tested by requiring students to review, compare and implement them in practice within their work based situation
  • Evidence of personal and professional development will be collated through work based experiences

Work based learning agreements will be used to identify and agree work based projects between employers, learners and the course team. Where appropriate the employer may play a part in formative assessment and / or utilise other employees in the business to conduct peer assessment.

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