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What are employers looking for?

NCG Direct understands that investing in staff training is a important decision for any employer, cost, time and overall business benefit all need to be carefully considered before making the important decision to invest.

We work with many employers across the UK, some are looking to select a single course after personal requests for training, others are looking to work with NCG Direct for larger scale training and development projects or as part of then strategic L&D programme.

Although every employer training need is different, we've found that employers are very interested in how NCG Direct can add benefit to their organisation in relation to Quality, Cost, Delivery and Management (QCDM)

The following section summarises how NCG Direct goes about meeting these crucial business priorities.


NCG Direct is part of NCG, one of the largest training and education providers in the UK. NCG is a corporation, not a private training provider therefore all of our surplus is invested back into the organisation to deliver a quality teaching and learning to all of our learners which intern supports us in delivering a quality online learning provision.

Our purpose is to Unlocking Potential through Flexible and On-line Learning, empowering individuals and employers to take control of their learning and achieve success by providing flexible and supported on-line learning services and solutions

Learner and employer satisfaction is a key driver in NCG Directs’ approach to continuous improvement. Satisfaction is managed on a number of different levels using surveys, learner and employer forums, course rep’s and an online suggestion box.

We pride our self on the quality of tuition and support to support all our learners get the most from their online learning experience.

After a rigorous recruitment and selection process, all of our online tutors go through a comprehensive programme of induction and training followed by ongoing training, development and RSA.

Every NCG tutor is also subject to an annual Teaching Learning & Assessment observation (TLA). These take place both in the classroom/workshop environment as well as on-line through video conferencing.

For full details regarding any of our continuous review programme or quality process and framework please contact a member of the curriculum team:


NCG Direct position our-selves competitively within the market place in order to attract new learners but sensibly enabling us to invest in research and development in order to deliver a quality service to our learners and employer partners.

Although ultimately there is a financial cost to training, our employers view this cost as an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

We offer a clear pricing policy highlighting all costs associated with the course including course fees and where applicable additional professional body fees to ensure there are no hidden charges.

All fees are highlighted on each of our course information sheets (put in link to course sheets).

For employers requiring multiple and volume training opportunities we will discuss be-spoke commercial proposals which may include added employer benefits including course fee discounts in line with volume commitments.

NCG Direct does operate a standard policy for cancelation. (link to cancelation policy in information).


Employers are always interested in how we deliver our courses, the following gives an overview. For comprehensive details please our learner journey (add link to learner journey) All of our courses are delivered by supported online and distance learning, giving learners the benefit of quality education and qualifications without the need to attend college. Our supported online learning courses are delivered through our Integrated Learning Environment known as NCG On-line.

Learners will have access to NCG On-line which will contain all the necessary learning materials, tools, support and information required to enable them to successively complete their course. This will include:

  • Course Specific e-learning Study Material
  • Key Student Announcements
  • Assessments
  • On-line Library Resources
  • Induction Information

Detailed Study Guide

Your employees will be provided with a detailed study guide which sets out the structure of the course and directs them to the appropriate learning materials to study. It will also set out the assessment requirements and key hand-in dates

Structured subject learning materials

Interactive e-learning content has been developed to guide learners through the subject topics for each module. Every topic studied will be underpinned by a Topic Resource and Activity Book which can down loaded and used to learn off-line.

On-line Tutor Support

Every one of your employees will be allocated a Personal On-line Tutor. The Personal On-line tutor will support your employees in a variety of ways:

  • Direct learners towards what they should be studying
  • Clarify areas which learners may find difficult or confusing
  • Grade and provide feedback on your assessments
  • Conduct regular on-line tutorials to check on progress
  • Resolve any basic technical issues learners have accessing e-learning materials
  • Co-ordinate on-line forums

In addition your employees will have access to:

  • Collaborative On-line Discussion Forums
  • Regular Review and Assessment
  • Learning and Information Services
  • Libraries and the Learning Environment
  • Learner View – electronic web based tutorial system
  • Office 365 and Student E-mail

For a full and comprehensive guide to how we deliver our courses please refer to the learner journey (link) alternatively contact one of our business development team for an informal conversation or to arrange a consultative meeting.


Employers are often interested how we manage our online provision, the following section gives an overview as to how this is achieved.

Being a dedicated delivery school within NCG enables us to focus managing the delivery of supported online education whilst receiving the back office, functional and executive level support you’d expect by being part of a large national organisation.

Course leadership begins with our Curriculum Leaders. This is an important support contact when your staff members are on one of our courses, they will assume responsibility for learner support throughout their learner journey.

Responsible for the NCG On-line course site, advising and guiding learners on the assessment requirements of the course, conducting regular progress tutorials and managing the Module Personal On-line Tutors (Trainers).

Every Curriculum Leader is qualified to at least degree level in their subject area and also has a teaching qualification, NCG has dedicated Curriculum Leaders for each Business, Leadership, Accounting, IT, Law, Marketing and Project Management.

Overseeing the entire curriculum operations team is the Head of NCG Direct – Paul White who has over 15 years in education working in various teaching and management roles throughout Newcastle College Group.

Our Commercial Team includes our business development team, administration and finance. The team is lead by Paul Willard, Business Development Manager.

Paul who has over 20 years-experience within commercial management. Please feel free to contact Paul direct should you be thinking about sponsoring some of our courses.


If you’d like to know more about the corporation of NCG, please follow the link the separate NCG website.


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