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There is a wide selection of career paths open to you if you decide to study a programme in Business, Leadership and Management. Obviously there are management roles but have you ever thought about HR, logistics or procurement and merchandising? Below is a list of some potential careers available in the sector:

  • Human Resource Administrator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Accountant

These are just a few of the areas available to someone who has a degree or professional qualification in a business, leadership and management related subject.

The reason that so many sectors and graduate jobs are available with a programme of this type is because it gives you a host of transferable skills that can be used in nearly all work environments. Current business, leadership and management learners studying on our programmes range from quality managers in large enterprises, entertainers on cruise ships and government workers working in strategic positions.

What department and role you enter will naturally dictate where your career takes you so there are a variety of routes and destinations to where a business and management graduate will head. There are numerous entry-level jobs available for learners who have completed their programme of study whilst some learners may decide to remain in study and progress onto a higher level professional or post-graduate qualification. If you are in employment or looking for work; most employers take on these people with a view for accelerated progression; you could expect further development and progression within the organisation.

What many business, leadership and management learners find is that no matter what sector or department they choose to work in, studying a business, leadership or management programme allows you to develop a broad understanding of how organisations in the 21st century work and ultimately provide you with subject specific knowledge around a range of business functions and areas such as finance, marketing and operations.

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